In the lead up to the Summer season which boasts mini dresses, short skirts and shorts  here are a few leg exercises to make your legs extra lean and ready to put on display!

These exercises were sourced from bodybuilding.com and girlsgonestrong.com and are a great variety of exercise techniques to perform weekly.

SQUATS: This exercise is almost the ‘Little Black Dress’, an essential to any legs and booty routine. For beginners have your legs at shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointing apart. Brace your core, sit back, have your head in a neutral position and face forward. Once you feel comfortable begin squatting as low as you can, parallel or below is best.


STIFF LEGGED DEADLIFTS: Begin with an overweight grip on the bar and start at a low weight that you are comfortable with, torso straight, narrow stance and knees slightly bent, this is starting position. From here lower the barbell down as if you were going to pick something off of the floor. You will know when you are doing this correctly as you will feel a stretch through your hamstrings.


LEG PRESS: This exercise will help tone and straighten the entire leg, so is always an exercise that I keep on rotation during my leg day routine. Once sitting down with your legs pressed against the press, with knees bent extend the press outwards. Be sure your legs are at a 90 degree angle before pressing forward and that you are feeling pressure through your legs and not pain. Make smooth motions as you perform the exercise, controlling the weight with every repetition.


LEG EXTENSION:  A fantastic exercise for the quadriceps. Begin by sitting on the machine, placing your lower legs under the pads at a comfortable position, adjust if need be. Choose a comfortable weight and perform the move by pushing your legs out from under you and slowly lowering them down again.

A handsome young muscular sports man doing leg press


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