With Monday just around the corner, we always hear from friends, family and ourselves included, how am I going to be bothered to get up at 5.30am tomorrow to workout? 

I struggle with this just as much as the next person, so have provided a list of all the ways I manage to get up at 5am to train each day.

  1. Have your workout gear ready at the end of the bed each night: This is something I do religiously and is probably one of the only reasons I manage to get up and go to the gym. You literally have no excuse for not getting up, because you are not  blurry-ly looking for your clothes, succumbing to defeat and crawling back into bed as your clothes are literally staring you in the face.
  2. Make your wakeup alarm motivational: Usually the sound of that disgusting alarm makes me want to bury back into the sheets and never return after pressing the snooze button, but what I have found to be that extra push in the mornings is customising my alarm to being a motivational quote as opposed to just the standard ‘ALARM’, this can be modified in the ‘Settings’ section of your I-Phone. 68882da0a5857c8b791725e9c4c9f68b
  3. Will you regret missing it?: This is a big one, and I think most people can relate to having the feeling of regret from snoozing your alarm, waking up that hour later and loosing your workout time for the day ahead. So ask yourself, will I regret missing this session? Most of the time that answer will be yes and should prompt you to getting up and going!
  4. Try group fitness or have a fitness partner: There is nothing that makes you get up more than knowing your partner is waiting at the gym for you to arrive holding you accountable if you don’t show up! So try a group fitness session or work out with a friend. Guaranteed this will make you work more frequently and have a harder session. 80c249785d48e9b3ad9f11b0b960af68


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