When taking part in these exercises it is SO important to also have your food in check. Here are the best foods to eat!

-The power of Protein: Lean Protein! Im talking chicken, kangaroo and other lean, high protein meat.

-Eggs and Egg Whites

-Low Fat Dairy

-Fish: Salmon is my personal favourite

-Cheese and Yogurt (don’t go crazy on this one though)

-Lots of Leafy Green Veggies

-A wide variety of Fruits

-Nuts and Beans

-Whole Grains




8  great women’s only  gyms in Sydney to help kick off your exercise and healthy lifestyle journey!

1 .Crunch Female Fitness Centre Flood St · (02) 9518 1588

2. Fernwood Gym Ryde  Belmore St · (02) 9817 3500

3. Her Health and Fitness, Auburn (02) 9750 9437

4.City Tattersalls Women’s Fitness Centre, CBD  9287 6459

5. She Heath Club, CBD  9251 1737,

6. Bodyhealth Fitness Centre, Oatley, 9580 8855

7. Fitness First Ladies Gym, Parramatta, 8844 8700,

8. Bodyshape Female Fitness Centres, Warringah Mall 1300 101 09.


Workout Gear

For me, I know one of the best ways to motivate myself is buying a new haul of workout gear.

Here are a few of my favourite online websites for exercise ware !


  • Lululemon A little bit more expensive, but you are paying for quality. Best yoga pants on the planet!


  • Target At the cheaper end of the market, but none the less quality, easy to wear, comfortable workout gear!



In the course of making this blog I have always been interested in the reasons why women think that weightlifting is bad.

A few of these are ones I have sourced in my research and what I find so interesting about them is that they are all completely faulted!

  1. ‘Lifting weights will make me bulky and gain weight’ In reality, it’s nearly impossible for women to build the same kind of muscle mass as men because of hormonal differences. Men have much higher testosterone levels than women do, which is one major reason why men have so much more muscle mass. In fact, instead of adding bulk to your look, combining resistance training and cardio workouts will help women look longer and leaner as they get stronger.
  2. ‘I don’t know what I’m doing and will make a fool of myself’ To be honest this was something I originally struggled with during the beginning of my journey but came to realise that really NO-ONE in that gym is really looking at you, instead they are all in their own zone concentrating on what they are doing. Not looking at you
  3. ‘I’ll hurt myself’ I think this one just comes with practice, experience and education. I am constantly looking up new workouts on Pinterest, Instagram and online and figuring out how to correctly perform them. This is one way that works for me, otherwise getting a personal trainer at the beginning of your journey is a great idea.